How is your pharmacy engaging Medicare-eligible patients?

PrescribeWellness Medicare Plan Finder 

Medicare plan reviews aren't just important for your patients - it directly benefits your pharmacy. Medicare patients are the highest users of prescription drugs and a major source of recurring revenue for community pharmacies.

Ensure your Medicare patients are on the plan that fits their goals and budget. Medicare Plan Finder lets your patients review Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans, then helps them enroll in a plan that fits their financial and medication needs while helping to ensure they remain loyal customers at your pharmacy. 

No time to complete a plan review in-store—We can do it for you! With your opt-in, Medicare-eligible patients who have provided the required consent can receive text messages from our partner Healthpilot with a link to access their personalized Medicare shopping experience. 


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Key Benefits of Plan Reviews

  • Strengthen patient relationships - As the key resource in guiding your Medicare-eligible patients through the often complicated and confusing process, you can help ensure your patients find the right plan that meets their needs

  • Grow your pharmacy business - Cement your pharmacy as a destination for care in your community by attracting new high-value patients and growing customer loyalty with existing customers

  • Develop year-round engagement - Conducting Medicare plan reviews for patients who turn 65 throughout the year presents a wonderful opportunity to engage your patients on a year-round basis.


Fill out the form below to opt-in to our Medicare Text Campaign.

Your Medicare eligible patients who have provided the required consent can receive text messages with a link to access their personalized Medicare shopping experience. Click here to learn more about our marketing consent process.

After completing the opt-in form, your text campaign will begin within 1-3 days.

You will receive an email notifying you your opt-in and text campaign have been processed. Your Medicare-eligible patients will receive three text messages over the course of open enrollment. Login to the PEC to see the text messages sent or click here.


Resources for Your Medicare-eligible Patients

Download these assets to use in your pharmacy to bring awareness to your patients about the importance of reviewing their Medicare plan options.

Bag Stuffers

Print these bag stuffers to give to your patients picking up prescriptions who are interested in setting up a time to review their Medicare options.

Click here to download


Pharmacist Checklist

Download this checklist to help you prepare for Medicare plan reviews with your patients.

Click here to download


Patient Checklist

Download this checklist to give to your patients turning 65 to help them prepare for their plan review.

Click here to download

Social Media

We've made targeting your Medicare patients easy with this ready-to-use social campaign.

Click here to download


Need Medicare Plan Reviews Training?

Do you want to complete plan reviews one-on-one in your pharmacy? Our team is here to help!  Whether you're new to Medicare Plan Reviews or just need a refresher, our live training sessions will walk you through the entire process to ensure you're ready to engage with your patients. Click here to sign up for a training session. 

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Did You Know? 

Prescription drug coverage is the most common change to Medicare Plans1.


average savings when shopping for a Medicare Advantage Plan


of adults in the U.S. are enrolled in Medicare


of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in a Part D Plan


average patient savings when switching plans yearly


of Medicare beneficiaries don't compare plans yearly


of patients who review a plan through their pharmacy continue to fill at the same pharmacy six months later

1. According to partner data study and Outcomes internal data.